The Ultralight Hiking Boot runs large. We recommend sizing down a ½ size from your favorite pair of Nikes.  For example, a 10.5 in Nike is a 10 in The Ultralight Hiking Boot. 

The Ultralight Hiking Boot is a boot for everyone. We only use "men's" and "women's" designations to get your size right. If you have larger feet or would like a wider boot, we recommend our “men's” sizes.

To convert from traditional women's sizes to men’s sizes, we recommend going down 2 full sizes. Therefore, if you are a women's size 10 in Nikes, you would be a mens size 8 in The Ultralight Hiking Boot.

If you use your own fancy insoles, we recommend placing the extra 2mm insert between the boot’s footbed and your insole. If you find yourself in between sizes, this combination can be helpful in achieving a better fit.


For more information about sizing and conversion, get in touch with us at