Lots of Materials

Simple, sleek, and rugged.


Weatherproof Italian Leather

We use high quality waterproof Italian leather that guarantees you look great. Thanks to the combined powers of a hydrophobic membrane and dynamic water resistance, your boots are guaranteed to be weather-proof for up to two hours and waterproof during forty five minutes of consistent rain exposure. The hydrophobic membrane is applied underneath the boot’s upper tongue as well as alongside the stitching of the gusseted portion of the boot. Aside from being weather-proof, our leather has been tested to survive over 20N of tear load. 

We're also committed to environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. Our tannery has been rated Gold by the Leather Working Group (LWG) for their demonstration of high performance capabilities and compliance with environmental policy. They use green energy production processes, including photovoltaic (PV) and methane cogeneration systems. Currently, over this PV system’s lifetime usage, 2,600 MWH of clean power has been generated, equivalent to 27,032 trees planted.


Merino Wool

Our boots feature a ZQ-certified merino wool lining. Our wool, sourced and produced in New Zealand, provides comfort and breathability while remaining resistant to odor. It adjusts to your environment in order to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature. Merino wool has also been linked to improved skin health, as it is breathable, sweat-wicking, and conforms to the natural shape of the body. 

Selected to uphold the highest ethical standard, our wool is priced to ensure the economic stability of growers as well as their supply chain partners and retail brands. ZQ wool is approved by Five Core Values, meaning each grower is audited by a third party to ensure high standards are maintained across production. Each section of fleece is naturally biodegradable and hand-selected to ensure quality.



OrthoLite High Rebound inserts are 8mm thick in the heel and 4mm in the forefoot, with a compression set of less than 5% to ensure long-term cushioning and fit. Made partly from recyclable materials, OrthoLite foams are eco-friendly, yet durable. The open-cell structure utilizes a moisture management system to complement an antimicrobial polymer in preventing the growth of bacteria and odor. The insole is machine washable, maintaining performance benefits even after multiple washes. 



We use Vibram’s Christy soles. Designed to mimic a desert boot, Christy soles utilize Vibram's Newflex technology to offer cushioned performance, engineered for comfort and durability while providing high shock absorption for maximum energy conservation. 

The Christy sole is manufactured to be anti-slip, which means it’s great in rain and light snow. It’s also lightweight and provides great cushion and arch support.


Goodyear Welting

Designed using the highest standard of Goodyear Welting, the outsole of our boots are encircled with an added strip of leather to ensure durability and longevity while maintaining comfort and stability. The sole of our boots can be replaced naturally once worn without compromising the boot's structure or aesthetic, which is designed to outlast the sole's expected wear. 


D-Ring Lacing System and Gusseted Tongue

Our D-Ring lacing system, borrowed from European hiking boots of the 70s and 80s boot, embodies classic style and functionality. The pressure of the lacing provides durability and a great fit, while ensuring maximum ankle and foot stability. The gusseted tongue protects your feet and socks from debris and water.