Season Three is a brand built on curiosity. Everything we make is the result of our dedication to learning a little more about ourselves and the world around us.

We make tools for exploration. The right pair of boots is an invitation to go outside and push through whatever obstacles stand in your way.

The Ultralight Hiking Boot is our updated take on a classic European hiking boot. It's a shoe rugged enough for the trail, but refined enough for the museum.

Before starting Season Three, the two of us were highly-opinionated graduate students at MIT who realized that we cared more about physical products than software. We decided to try our hand at making a better all-weather boot. Designing a shoe made us feel like kids again and our curiosity landed us in places we could have never imagined. The more we learned about production and manufacturing, the more we saw an opportunity to do things differently.

- Jared Ray Johnson and Adam Klein

Our Values

We believe that climate change is real, that racial and gender equity is necessary, that LGBTQ+ rights matter, that high-quality materials come first, and that fair labor and pay are non-negotiable. We wouldn’t call ourselves (or any other fashion brand) a “sustainable” company but we take pains to source from environmentally-conscious tanneries and use recycled materials for packaging and shipping. Mindful of our carbon footprint, we’ve kept all of the manufacturing processes for The Ultralight Hiking Boot in Northern Italy.

“Exploration is about that journey to the interior, into your own heart."

- Ann Bancroft

Thoughtful design is for everyone