At Home with Big Esco

An interview with the artist, designer, content creator, and copywriter

February 24, 2021



Let’s get the profile stuff out of the way—what is your name, age, city, and profession or craft? For how long have you been doing what you do?


Ryan or Big Esco, 30 years old


I’m a content creator and copywriter.

I’ve been creating since 2007.

How would you describe the style of your work?


I recently heard Pharrell call himself a ‘pluralist’ meaning that he can’t be called or boxed into doing one thing. So I would describe my style of work as deliberate and systematic. I’m touching content, music, design, e-commerce and branding all at once. But for me, it works because it all plays into my ecosystem. I’m building my own Marvel universe, but just as Big Esco. I skew more towards comedy and realism, but my base is hip-hop. I’m all about our culture and pushing it forward.



Who or what inspires your work?


My biggest inspirations as a child were Kanye, Pharrell, Hov and basketball. I would say now that I’m inspired by the history of St. Louis and Black people in America. I’m still motivated by modern artists like Tyler the Creator, Tierra Whack, Childish Gambino, and groups like Griselda. But, I’m now at the age where I just like to tap into what’s going on, and it doesn’t really move me to work like before. I’m inspired by proving myself right. I want to be considered Black art.

How does nature or the outdoors play a role in how you work or live?


The outdoors is where the action is. I like to grab my camera and just go figure it out. Or, I’ll go take a walk around the block to work through my thoughts or ideas. Half of my family is from rural Missouri so I can appreciate the slower way of life. But, at the same time, I’m motivated by the city. Going outside is where you can interact and touch people. I always remind myself that I got online to get offline, if that makes sense.



What are three brands or products that inspire you? (p.s. you don’t have to mention us)


First, I want to say that Season Three does inspire me. Following Jared’s journey has been great because that’s my G from high school. We came up trading mixtapes and having deep rap convos so to see him take that thinking to boots has been inspiring. 


Do Right Design (@dorightdesign)—Mars is a really smart person. He’s bringing tons of people and different types of cultures together to create something amazing. I’m happy to watch it grow from its infancy stages.


Curves by Sean Brown (@byseanbrown)—The nostalgia that Sean has for my childhood is just refreshing. And it’s not corny at all. He’s making products that I want and stuff I would buy for my friends and family.


Melody Ehsani (@melodyeshani)—She creates a space in streetwear for women that is so fresh. It doesn’t feel forced at all. And she’s able to connect with so many different types of people. Plus, her Jordan collab was fresh!

What are your thoughts on life after the pandemic? What do you imagine will change?


I hope that living in NYC and LA isn’t such a necessity for people who want to feel valuable or that they are making a contribution to culture. Maybe the social distance and the virtual tools we have now can create an environment where you can make an impact from anywhere if you build the following. I think you need to tap into the major cities, but I hope relocation isn’t necessary because we see now that the housing market and economy are ridiculous.



Ryan can be found @big__esco on Instagram

Photography by @__bino_

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